For those who have served, Inner Peace is possible


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Proven Benefits of Tai Chi

Medical researchers conducted 401 surveys over a 12-month period with 119 veterans who were instructed to regularly self-report on their health and well-being.

Did a regular regimen of yoga, meditation, tai chi, and other mind-body practices improve their quality of life? The answer was a heartening and optimistic "yes."

Study authors write, “We found that veterans who participated in tai chi, yoga, and meditation reported significant improvements in patient-reported outcomes over time. Specifically, yoga practice was associated with decreases in perceived stress, and tai chi involvement was associated with improvements in overall physical and mental health functioning, anxiety, and increased ability to participate in social role activities.”

What is Flow, and Why it Helps

Athletes refer to it as 'getting in the zone'. It's the runners high, the effortless writing, the best conversation you've had in your life, the way things just seem to magically come together.

In Japan, it's called Satori.

It's a space where there is an absence of critical thinking, internal evaluation, or focus.

Flow is the word to describe that wonderful moment when all parts of you—mind, body, emotions, energy, and Spirit—come together and move you internally and externally in an effortless and joyful manner.

Flow is the most characteristic and unique feature of Tai Chi, and it's a central concept in the TaijiFit Method.