About Us

Not Your Grandpa's Tai Chi

Welcome to TaijiFit - more than just a virtual studio, but people just like you taking embodiment experiences like Tai Chi to their next level.  We call call our program "Tai Chi, Evolved," because we're not your Grandfathers' Tai Chi! We're keeping the traditional benefits alive in an ever-changing 21st century world. 

The TaijiFit Style

Our approach to Tai Chi is what sets us apart. We make Tai Chi easy, accessible, and irresistibly enjoyable. Our music is rock, soul and jazz. Our style is creative and artsy. Our philosophy is simple: "We don't care what it looks like; we don't care about perfection. We only care that you find enjoyment and Flow.

What is Flow?

At the core of our teachings is the concept of Flow. Flow represents a state of heightened awareness, balance, and harmony. We believe that Tai Chi is the ideal method to achieve this state, transforming effort and struggle into ease, effortlessness, and joy. It’s a mesmerizing state where every movement is effortless, every breath is a melody. It's where struggle dissolves, and harmony prevails. At TaijiFit, we don't just teach Tai Chi; we guide you to this enchanting state of Flow.

Our Studio

The Place to Touch Your Qi

Back in 2010 we envisioned what it would be like to take the brick and mortar classroom experience and put it entirely online where people could attend classes no matter where they lived. So imagine that you've walked up the street and passed through the actual doors and entered a studio filled with music, color, laughter and Flow.


Live-streaming Classes in the Studio

We've found that livestreaming is the best way to be immersive and interactive, able to answer questions, have conversations and give real-time feedback. The Studio is the most advanced online Tai Chi platform, and joining a class is as easy as clicking the link on your dashboard.


Signing In

All you need to join in classes is an internet connection. Our members join from all parts of the world - some on computers, some on their smart phone. Log in and bam! today’s class link pops right up. Click on it, and you’re in. Missed class today? No worries - the recorded version is also just a click away.

Our Mission: To Bring the FLOW to the People

At TaijiFit, our mission is to make Tai Chi accessible, affordable, easy, understandable, and irresistible to people all over the world. In a world where Tai Chi's incredible benefits are yet to be fully embraced in the West, we stand at the forefront of a movement to change that.


What Our Mission Means

Accessibility: We believe that Tai Chi should be accessible to everyone. Our online platform breaks geographic barriers, bringing Tai Chi to your doorstep, irrespective of where you are.
Affordability: We're committed to offering Tai Chi at a price that's within reach. Health and wellness shouldn't be a luxury.
Ease and Understandability: Our teaching methods demystify Tai Chi, making it simple and enjoyable to learn. We strip away complexity, focusing on the joy and fluidity of the practice.
Irresistibility: We're transforming the image of Tai Chi, infusing it with energy, music, and a community spirit that's simply captivating. 

Now More Than Ever

Tai Chi's potential for fighting diseases, easing mental health challenges, and reversing age-related conditions is profound. Yet, it's underutilized in the West due to misconceptions and a lack of compelling presentation. We're here to change that. I discovered Tai Chi's enchanting power years ago – it's kept my body youthful, my mind sharp, and my immune system robust. My personal journey fuels our mission; because we want everyone to experience this same magic.