Find your Flow -

AND Help others find theirs.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Want to help make the world a better place.
  • Want to tap into inner harmony
  • ‘Go with the Flow’ is what you aim for
  • Love helping others find bliss and reduce stress
  • Want a career that supports you while helping others
  • Prefer learning be fun rather than rigid

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these above...

TaijiFit is the place for you!


The TaijiFit Teacher Training and Certification program is $99/month for 12 months, and then just $39/month thereafter. The continuing subscription gives you access to the Studio classes - a great place to keep up your practice, get advanced instruction and new ideas. The Studio membership means you don't have to show Continuing Education credits or pay for annual renewal.

TaijiFit Teacher Training & Certification
$99.99 every month for 12 payments
Studio Only Post Completion
$39.00 every month after a 365-day trial period
Contact Information

Here's the time commitment:

Broken down by courses

Learn how to "Play" in TaijiFit 101:
Weekly 1-hour sessions for 8 weeks

Learn the TaijiFit Cueing Method in TaijiFit 200:
Weekly 1-hour sessions for 8 weeks

Bring it all together and compose in TaijiFit 300:
Weekly 1-hour sessions for 8 weeks

Add Meditation & "Relaxation Therapy" in TaijiFit 400:
Self Study Course :: Coming Soon

In under a year, you'll be ready to start teaching!

Part 1: TaijiFit 101

The foundation of TaijiFit Academy, TaijiFit 101 contains an overview of TaijiFit, the Basic Flow routine, and lots of practice on finding your Flow.


  • What Flow is, why it’s important, and how to get yourself and your students there
  • The TaijiFit method and essential principles
  • The full Basic Flow routine
  • Student safety
  • Essential Cueing and conducting
  • And more!


This class is ACE-certified for 1.20 credits (CEP141537, Learn to Teach Tai Chi: Mindful Exercise for Fitness, Health and Rehabilitation).

pART 2: TaijiFit 200

TaijiFit 200 takes you to the next stop on your adventure: learning to overcome "Flow Blockers:" the factors that interfere with being in Flow. In this course you'll learn to do that with our TaijiFit Cueing Method.


  • How to advance from ‘playing’ (learning, listening, watching) to ‘conducting’ (leading others)
  • Brain switching (it’s easier than it sounds)
  • The path to helping others find their own Flow
  • Using compassion when cueing
  • More safety
  • And more!


part 3: TaijiFit 300

TaijiFit 300 will dive deep into the philosophy behind the TaijiFit Method. How do we deal with the ego who usually has quite a bit to say? What does enlightenment really look like? Etc.

Learn how to:

  • Develop your powers of empathy for others.
  • Transform your Tai Chi skills into wisdom.
  • Bring calm into any environment
  • Free yourself from 'social gravity'


Next Steps

You're in the Flow! Time to share with others.

With your TaijiFit certification, you can now lead your own Flow Shows, hold classes for civilians and Veterans, and bring the benefits of Flow to the world (in-person or over Zoom).

Explore More


Fire Fusion

Kung-fu meets Tai Chi in a class that opens your heart and clears your throat. Flow can be blocked by the fear of criticism, the kind that stifles self-expression. But Fire Fusion - a high energy romp of punches, yells and stomps, balanced by smooth continuous motion - opens the throat chakra and gets rid of shyness.


Bamboo Fusion

Tai Chi moves and Yoga poses blend together into one awesome Flow. Imagine a workout where sometimes you're flowing like water and other times you're rock steady like a mountain, but it's all so smooth you can't even tell when one part ends and the next begins. Bamboo Fusion helps you let go of all your past stress and tension - like a tree that drops its old leaves to grow new ones. And although it’s an awesome workout, this class is not just about exercise; it's about having a blast while discovering new ways to move and groove.


24 Form (Traditional)

The world's most popular routine, this class will break down all 24 moves to create a practice filled with Flow.  It was China's first national exercise routine and continues to be taught in schools, government offices, and public parks to this day. Add to your repertoire with this classic and well-loved form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works

What's so awesome about being a TaijiFit Instructor?

Financially: It allows you the ability to lead your own TaijiFit method classes. This could be at your local gym, your house, etc. It also allows us to register you as part of our network with the VA CCN, which means you get paid by the government to lead Veterans in TaijiFit sessions.

Spiritually: The Flow State itself is enough to want to deepen your TaijiFit practices, but being an Instructor means that you have the knowledge to spread this life-changing state with the world. Leaving good in one's wake is a primary reason that TaijiFit exists.

Physically: Movement is good for the body—we all know that. But did you know that Tai Chi has scientifically proven benefits such as higher immunity (that's so important in today's world), improved cardiovascular health, flexibility, and balance? Check out the Harvard study here.

Mentally: Stress is a killer. TaijiFit teaches you how to drastically reduce your stress response, which means an easier time for your mind and parasympathetic nervous system. You'll also find a sense of community here which is very important to our mental well-being as humans. And don't forget that Tai Chi by itself has been proven to increase memory retention and decrease the physical symptoms of neurological conditions, as stated in this article by Next Avenue.

Who can join the academy? Do I need experience?

Anyone can join the Academy!

Please note that in order to become a certified TaijiFit Instructor and be part of the VA CCN, you must be able to pass a background check. This is a federal requirement.

What are the physical requirements?

You must be able to do the Seated versions of the moves. If you have questions regarding what that looks like, be sure to check out our YouTube channel here.

We cannot offer medical advice and suggest you reach out to your health care team in order to determine if this is right for you.

Please note that some of the Fusion Courses may be more physically strenuous than 101, 200, and 300.

Do I need to take classes in this order?

No, it is not a requirement. However, we suggest you take the classes in this order (Foundations, 101, 200, 300) as these classes build on each other.

Do you offer Military Discounts?


Before any purchase, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and let them know that you're a Veteran.

Because of the way our system works, we aren't able to offer the 10% Military Discount in conjunction with another discount. Our TaijiFit Veterans have let us know that they enjoy using their Military Discount to purchase a Membership Tier, and then they can use their Membership Tier discount to purchase classes, courses, etc.

What if I don't want to be an Instructor?

We have many people who choose to go through the entire learning path, just to deepen their own understanding of how to achieve Flow better.

At the same time, we offer both the Studio Access and the traditional Tai Chi program for students who want to make Tai Chi part of their lifestyle, but don’t plan on teaching at this time.

You can also complete the learning path, become an instructor, but wish to work with other populations besides our Veterans. That’s entirely optional.

When can I start teaching my own classes?

You’ll start learning the basics of how to lead your own classes right away, and then really refine your skills in TaijiFit 200.

Once you've successfully completed all of the Learning Path classes (101, 200, 300), you can then start leading your own sessions.

What equipment do I need?

You will need comfortable clothes and a willingness to learn.

You will also need a computer or tablet that has a camera, microphone, and speaker. You can use earbuds instead of a microphone and speaker.

We do require you to be on camera during the Live classes. These are hosted on Zoom, so you will also need a computer or tablet that is capable of using this software / app.

Do I need to take the extension courses?

No. That's up to you!

However, you are required to take at least one TaijiFit course  per year (either one of the classes on this page, or a Traditional Tai Chi course) to maintain your TaijiFit Instructor Certification. 

Most of our Instructors choose to take a Fusion course, or they take a Fundamentals course again as a refresher. 

Can I audit a class if I've already taken it?

Yes! If you have taken an Academy class within the last 2 years (101, 200, 300, Bamboo Fusion, Fire Fusion), you may audit that class for 50% off.

If you're interested, please email us ([email protected]) and let us know which class you'd like to retake. We'll set something up for you.