Studio Only

This gives you access to all our studio classes (Daily Flow, Seated, Fusion & Old School) including an entire library of recorded Flow sessions.



This gives you access to all our live studio classes and recordings, PLUS all our Old School tai chi classes - both live and recorded (9 form, 13 form, 24 form, 32 sword & Tai Chi staff). And just FYI, this is the same tuition I paid to my first Tai Chi Master 45 years ago.


Teacher Training & Certification

This gives you access to all our live studio classes, recorded studio classes, PLUS our complete Evolved Tai Chi Instructor curriculum - both live and recorded classes - including TWO certifications for both Tai Chi and Relaxation Therapy. Includes support for all VACCN providers.


for 12 months, then $39/mo.

TaijiFit Supreme

Yes - you CAN have it all! This gives you access to TaijiFit Studio PLUS both the TaijiFit Instructor curriculum AND the Traditional Tai Chi program. It's the ultimate all-access pass.


for 12 months, then $69/mo.

A la Carte Classes

Foundations Series

Tai Chi Essentials             $75

Fundamentals of Flow      $75

Principles of Mindfulness  $75

Fusion Series (includes credential)

Fire Fusion                      $249

Iron Fusion                      $249

Mother Earth Fusion        $249

Bamboo Fusion                $249