Tai Chi Fusion: Iron
Experience great Tai Chi exercise at home, with beautiful scenery.
In Tai Chi Fusion Iron, you’ll experience the blending of Tai Chi and resistance training. Master Teacher David-Dorian Ross guides you step-by-step through an easy-to-follow workout on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.

Alternate between empty hand movements and using weighted Tai Chi Fit Stix. You can practice along barehanded or using with any short sticks, even wooden spoons from the kitchen!

Tone and strengthen your upper body with this easy resistance training, using graceful swooping movements reminiscent of Tai Chi sword.

During the Iron workout, you’ll experience the Tai Chi principle of contrast. Contrast teaches us to notice things that you often overlook, including subtle sensations that we have all the time, but tune out. Fusion Iron is an exercise in mindfulness, expanding your awareness, and deepening your sensitivity to yin and yang. This will help to experience a deeper level of flow, first with the body, then with mind, and finally with the energy of life: the Qi.
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