About TaijiFit

TaijiFit & You

Welcome to TaijiFit, where the timeless art of Tai Chi meets the grace of modern living. We are more than just a virtual studio; we are people just like you taking embodiment experiences like Tai Chi to their next level - keeping the traditional benefits alive in an ever-changing world. We call call our program "Tai Chi, Evolved," because we're not your Grandfathers' Tai Chi! 

The TaijiFit Style

Our approach to Tai Chi is what sets us apart. We make Tai Chi easy, accessible, and irresistibly enjoyable. Using inspirational contemporary music, we create a vibrant atmosphere. Our philosophy is simple: "We don't care what it looks like; we don't care about perfection. We only care that you find enjoyment and Flow.

What is Flow?

At the core of our teachings is the concept of Flow. Flow represents a state of heightened awareness, balance, and harmony. We believe that Tai Chi is the ideal method to achieve this state, transforming effort and struggle into ease, effortlessness, and joy. Have you ever heard of 'Flow'? It's this incredible feeling where everything just... fits. In Tai Chi, reaching Flow is like finding a secret pathway to balance and joy. It’s a mesmerizing state where every movement is effortless, every breath is a melody. It's where struggle dissolves, and harmony prevails. At TaijiFit, we don't just teach Tai Chi; we guide you to this enchanting state of Flow.