Tai Chi Fit Strength (Digital DVD)
Get stronger with this easy-to-follow routine!
Tai Chi boosts your health and immunity with gentle exercise, deep breathing and increased bone density.

Find Your Tai Chi Strength. Master-Teacher David-Dorian Ross guides you through his invigorating Strength workout, alternating between empty-hand and weighted Tai Chi ball movements.

This routine gradually strengthens the entire body, increases your bone density, and boosts your cardiovascular performance. The Strength workout combines Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga to improve your qi (energy) circulation and your physical endurance.

You will learn empowering fundamental Tai Chi moves while staying relaxed and focused.

This easy Strength routine is excellent for those who need low-impact, whole-body exercise, such as those with back pain or in need of core-strengthening. Tai Chi Fit Strength includes: Flowing Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga moves.

A mirror-view workout for beginners. Nothing to memorize, just follow along. Tai Chi Fit Strength will gently rebuild the health of your muscles, joints, and spine while helping you to relax deeply. Over time, you’ll experience the Tai Chi Principle of embodying “softness embedded in hardness.”
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