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Iron Fusion

Starts May 7, 2024

Instructor: David-Dorian Ross

Tu/Th 10:30am PDT


(includes certification)

The great ecologist Rachel Carson once said, "It is not half so important to know as to feel.” Our senses are the gateway into Flow. But if our senses have become dimmed with time and wear then we need to find some way to re-awaken them. Iron Fusion is designed to teach us to feel once again.

24 Movement Tai Chi

Starts March 5, 2024 (but enroll any time before May)

Instructor: David-Dorian Ross

Tu 1:30pm PDT


(membership includes all traditional classes)

For Traditional Tai Chi members - the 24 Form is the next routine we are learning. It's considered the most popular and well-known Tai Chi routine in the world. (Traditional Tai Chi members are automatically enrolled.)