Our Studio

Our Studio

In 2010 I envisioned what it would be like to take the brick and mortar classroom experience and put it entirely online where people could attend classes no matter where they lived. So imagine that you've walked up the street and passed through the actual doors and entered a studio filled with music, color, laughter and Flow.

Signing In

All you need to join in classes is an internet connection. Our members join from all parts of the world - some on computers, some on their smart phone. Log in and bam! today’s class link pops right up. Click on it, and you’re in. Missed class today? No worries - the recorded version is also just a click away.

Why "Live" Classes?

Long before the Covid pandemic forced everyone to learn how to Zoom, TaijiFit was using live-streaming technology to teach live classes. We pioneered many of the best practices of using multiple cameras, integrated sound and music, breakout rooms and more.

We knew that livestreaming was the best way to be immersive and interactive, able to answer questions, have conversations and give real-time feedback. Now we have more participants than any other online Tai Chi platform, and joining a class is as easy as clicking the link on your dashboard.

"Fun" is Rule One

We believe learning Tai Chi should be as easy as pie. Forget about getting every move perfect; we're all about the joy and Flow of the practice. Whether you're a Tai Chi newbie or a pro, we've got something for you. Our classes are designed to make everyone feel welcome and challenged at just the right level. We mix in cool contemporary tunes that make the classes fun and relatable. We're constantly upping our game, so your Tai Chi experience just keeps getting better. We listen, we learn, and we evolve - together!