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Tai Chi Chuan ?

Chen Man Ching Taiji Fit
What is Tai Chi Chuan ?

also known as Taiji Quan can be translated into ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’ or sometimes ‘Supreme Ultimate Boxing’ and interestingly comes from a martial arts background and not a new age health fade, but whether your interests are in martial arts, health, relaxation, philosophy or meditative side you can find it in Taiji Fit. Beginners and experience players can train or learn easily side by side and at any fitness or ability level.

Who is Cheng Man-Ching ?

Cheng Man Ching was Born in Yungchia, in the Province of Chekiang in 1901. He studied painting, poetry and also achieved mastery of traditional gynaecology, and orthopaedic medicine. In 1928 he studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Yang Cheng-Fu then in 1938 Condensed the T’ai Chi Ch’uan solo exercise to 37 postures in Hunan to what we now now as Cheng Man-Ching Style.

What is Qigong Shibashi ?

Qigong Shibashi ( shibashi means 18 movements in Chinese), Qigong Shibashi in 18 Movements or Eighteen Forms of Tai Chi Chi Kung, it is one of the most popular Qigong in the world. Qigong Shibashi is designed to improve the general health and well being of the practitioner.
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