Qualifications - Taiji Fit ( TaijiFit ) Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan
TaijiFit Tai Chi
be Fitter
be Energetic
be Flexible
be Balanced

Taiji Fit
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Fully Qualified Personal Trainer CYQ Certificate
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP
Licensed NLP Coach with the Society of NLP
Development coaching award from the ILM
Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy registered with GHR
IEMT Advanced Practitioner registered with Association for IEMT
The Chinese Tai-Chi Chuan World Federation Member
Sports Physiology Diploma
First Aid
4 Duan Fujian 福建 Yong Chun 永春 Shaolin 少林 Five Ancestors 五祖
Master Taiji Quan
other styles:
Lau Gar, Judo, Ju-jitisu, Karate, Hung Gar, Weapons
Over 24+ years Tai Chi Experience.
Chenji Agou Taiji Quan Training Center
Licensed NLP
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